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Ken Bayer # Posted on June 18, 2014 at 5:21 PM

I posted this question about 7 months ago, and I was recently re-reading an article in Fine Woodworking Magazine (I love retirement!) that answered my question. See FW 222, page 40. The article compared 8 different disks including the Abranet product and compared finish, rate of wood removal, and cost.

In the final analysis there was no difference in the quality of the finish for any given grit; no suprise there. In terms of wood removal rate in grams/minute, and cost in grams-removed/penny the Abranet product was well below average.

Also, the author found no significant difference in the effectiveness of dust collection, although, to be fair, he wasn’t using the $1000.00 Ceros system.

I have concluded that there is no advantage, and, in fact, several disadvantages, to the Abranet product.

The “best value” and “best overall” went to a regular paper disk “Klingspor VD900” which uses an aluminum oxide abrasive with a stearate coating.
Thanks Ken