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November 14, 2013 at 6:34 AM #461

Ben Abate

Hello all,
I was thinking about an email from Calvin about monthly meetings. In the email Calvin suggested a few topics that are all possiblities but one item on his list was to ask the membership about what they might want to see. I can remember a few years ago at one of the monthly meetings each member received a list of topics that they might want to see, good idea I thought. Well, Calvin got me thinking about that and I thought I’d start a discussion here on the website to see if we can generate some ideas. I know Bill James has a list of items, in the past few months I’ve generated a list of about 10 items, but I’d like to here from other members to see what they would like. I’ll post a few to get the discussion started.

1. Have a meeting at Dante’s shop on any one of multiple topics where we can do a hands on meeting.
2. Sharpening demos (Calvin’s idea)
3. Field trip to Don Phillips saw mill
4. A video of a commission of a project by Bill James and the steps he takes to arrive at the end product. Bill could then discuss the process at the monthy meeting. The video can then be kept in the library.
5. A video of a process that can’t be demostrated at a meeting. Example the process of cutting a raised panel door on a shaper or router table. The video can be shot in someones shop and then discussed in detail while the video is being shown at the meeting.


November 21, 2013 at 3:20 PM #463

Dean Ridgeway

All good ideas, To add to the list a topic that I would like to learn more about would be finishing. So many ways to finish and so many products exist, it would be nice to learn more about different techniques that are being in use and the advantages of them

November 22, 2013 at 4:17 PM #464

Ben Abate


Good thought, we could do a meeting that would let a few members that excel in different products show their techniques. From your point of view what products would be of interest? I think Bill James did something on lacquers once or maybe it was just spraying. I know I mostly spray my finishes, lacquers. But I’m really not set up for it like I’d like to be.

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