This September, we would like to invite nationally-known woodworker Jeff Headley, who has written extensively on methods and techniques used for reproduction furniture making and has vast experience in making, repairing, and consulting on the subject, with his furniture adorning some of the most famous historic residences. Jeff’s colleague, Steve Hamilton, will be on hand to help with the teaching. The class will take place on September 9, and 10, 2017. The new Woodcraft store in Canonsburg graciously offered their facilities for both the private classes on Saturday and Sunday and the Friday evening meeting for the full membership (see below). Cost to attend the private classes will be $250 and attendance will be limited to 15 people, on a first-come basis. The classes need to be self-sustaining and WPW funds are not used for the private classes, so we need a minimum of 10 people in order to offer the class. To attend you will need to commit and pay a $100 deposit at the May meeting (if you can not attend that meeting, please email Elmer so that he can provide you his address to mail a deposit check).

The purpose of the class is to have an understanding and to feel comfortable with the hand skills needed to perform the topics listed below. Once we get a good feel of the method and technique, we’ll move on to the next topic. Although Jeff has some mechanized ways and special tooling to achieve some of his techniques, his program will concentrate on “simpler” methods of achieving these results to try and make them accessible to as many woodworkers as possible. The two day course will cover the following:

· How to add fluted quarter columns to your work.

· Enhancing furniture with cross-banded details and borders.

· Rope carving.

· Shell carving.

· Veneer inlay techniques.

· Scratch stocks and stringing.

· Ogee bracket feet

· Depending on the amount of time available, Jeff and Steve may demonstrate or discuss a couple of additional techniques. If you have a specific subject you would like Jeff to cover, please let Elmer know.

There will be a small cut list (which you may be able to fulfill from your scrap bin)

You will also need to bring in your own gouges and chisels. There is no need to go out and purchase these specifically for the class. Jeff will send out a more specific list of recommended tools.

You can see the type of classes that Jeff and Steve offer to get a better sense of their style:

Here is a link to a few of the pieces Jeff and Steve have produced: index.html

Our normal meeting day for September 2017 will be moved from Saturdaymorning to Friday evening, and will be held at the Woodcraft store. Jeff Headley will be our speaker and he will be presenting a lecture on his Winchester desk, possibly some condensed version of some of the subjects to be touched on in the class, and anecdotal stories and photos about his many years as a furniture maker and restorer in the White House. This Fridaysession is open to all WPW members. Please give some serious consideration as to whether you would like to attend the classes, and do some Internet research on Jeff’s work. For those of you who have access to the Fine Woodworking site, Jeff has written several articles over the years, and they will give you a flavor of what you might expect. Questions and commitments should be emailed to Elmer Nahum (

Inline image 1

A couple of folks you may recognize seated in Jeff and Steve’s chairs.

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