Special Program for September 2017 Meeting—READ COMPLETELY, DETAILS IMPORTANT

Hi Fellow WPW Member,

As we’ve announced in recent meetings, our new Program Directors Elmer Nahum and Ken Bayer are in the process of developing our future meeting schedule, which again includes bringing in a speaker from outside of our area. This year they would like to consider nationally-known woodworker Jeff Headley who has written extensively on methods and techniques used for reproduction furniture making, and has vast experience in making, repairing, and consulting on the subject, with his furniture adorning some of the most famous historic residences. Jeff’s colleague, Steve Hamilton, will be on hand to help with the teaching.

The purpose of this email is to ask you to begin thinking about whether you would be interested in paying for and attending this class, which we propose to hold September 8, 9, and 10, 2017. We are looking for a serious level of commitment at the April meeting, with a deposit paid by the May meeting (before we break for the summer) so that we can responsibly move forward with Mr. Headley.

We are developing this program in conjunction with the new Woodcraft store near Canonsburg, who have graciously offered us the use of their facilities for our full membership meeting (see below) on Friday evening, as well as the private classes on Saturday and Sunday for those members wishing to pay the ~$250 tuition to attend. Attendance will be limited to 15 people, on a first-come basis; we have to achieve a minimum of 10 people in order to offer the class, as WPW general funds are not being used to pay for this other than the normal costs associated with a regular meeting.

Although we are still finalizing the details of the class, here is a list of subjects/projects that are being considered. Our plan is to have Jeff demonstrate three to six techniques, with several of them also becoming a “hands-on” session for the class to try their hand, so to speak. Although Jeff has some mechanized ways and special tooling to achieve some of his techniques, his program will concentrate on “simpler” methods of achieving these results, to try and make them accessible to as many woodworkers as possible. If there are other items that you’d like to see as a part of Jeff’s program, please let Elmer or Ken know so that they can explore the possibility. We plan on finalizing the program content prior to asking people for a commitment.

  • How to add fluted quarter columns to your work.
  • Enhancing furniture with cross-banded details and borders.
  • Rope carving.
  • Shell carving.
  • Veneer inlay techniques.
  • Scratch stocks and stringing.
  • Ogee bracket feet
  • Depending on the amount of time available, Jeff and Steve may demonstrate a couple of additional techniques

Our normal meeting day for September 2017 will be moved from Saturday morning to Friday evening, and will be held at the Woodcraft store. Jeff Headley will be our speaker and he will be presenting a lecture on his Winchester desk, possibly some condensed version of some of the subjects to be touched on in the class, and anecdotal stories and photos about his many years as a furniture maker and restorer in the White House. This Friday session is, of course, open to all WPW members.

Please give some serious consideration as to whether you would like to attend the classes, and do some Internet research on Jeff’s work. For those of you who have access to the Fine Woodworking site, Jeff has written several articles over the years, and they will give you a flavor of what you might expect. Questions and commitments should be emailed to Elmer Nahum (ElmerNahum@gmail.com) or Ken Bayer (NKBayer@hotmail.com).

Happy (and safe) woodworking,


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