Our Club

Founded in 1980, Western Pennsylvania Woodworkers is a non-profit organization dedicated to the purpose of education, safety, and techniques in all areas of woodworking. Our membership includes about 100 amateurs and professionals with interests in all areas of the woodworking crafts. Our mission is to educate, inform, and share woodworking skills, experiences, and ideas in an enjoyable environment.

Western Pennsylvania Woodworkers currently has about 100 members who enjoy woodworking and the products of woodworking. Some are professionals who exhibit in national shows, some simply enjoy the occasional building of a piece in their home workshop, and in either case, the result of your labor – an item of pride to be cherished, given as a gift or sold for a profit.

Monthly meetings are held generally on the second Saturday of each month where in addition to the main program, we exchange woodworking information, techniques, tips, designs, and ideas. The main program is a formal demonstration or presentation, usually by a member of the group. We suspend regular meetings for the summer months but sometimes hold a special meeting or field trip over the summer.

Become a Member

If you are thinking about becoming a member of Western Pennsylvania Woodworkers, we would love to have you join us. Memberships are based on our program year, September to July. Our annual dues are a very reasonable $25/year. 

Your annual dues give you access to regular meetings including presentations by nationally-known professionals. Our presentations range from nuts and bolts demonstrations to hands-on workshops to discussions about design and history of the craft. Our annual Show-and-Tell meeting gives members the opportunity to show off their work. 

Paid members have access to our extensive physical library of woodworking books and DVDs as well as our archive of past newsletters and videos of past meetings. Members also gain access to a range of discounts from area vendors and members-only classifieds.

Attend A Meeting

If you’re thinking about joining us, we encourage you to attend our next meeting. New and prospective members and visitors are always welcome at our meetings. Meetings are usually held on the second Saturday of each month from September to May. Arrive early and introduce yourself to other members to learn even more about the club.

Important COVID-19 Information

During the current public health crisis, our club is taking precautions to help lessen and prevent the spread of COVID-19 to our members, their families, and our guests. We have resumed in person meetings, but all attendees must follow our COVID-19 GUIDELINES accessible here. If you feel unsafe attending in person, or are unable to comply with the COVID-19 Guidelines, we are also continuing to provide simultaneous virtual meetings via Web Ex. Guests should email webmaster@wpwoodworkers.org for details regarding attending a WebEx Meeting.

Join Us For Our Next Meeting When We Present:

Shaper Origin

Saturday, February 11, 2023
Rockler Woodworking and Hardware
2000 Park Manor Boulevard
Pittsburgh, PA 15205
Virtual Meeting Available
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For a few years now, many of us have seen this new “router” with a funny name, Shaper Origin, which didn’t sound like a router. A quick inspection while walking by it in the store revealed serious capabilities, but with a significant price when compared to a router. Stopping there with your review of this tool, however, would be a mistake, as the Shaper Origin is unlike any “router” we’ve ever seen before. 

Please Join us as John Armenia, the Eastern US regional sales manager for Shaper, will talk about and demonstrate the wide range of applications of the Shaper Origin. Although it resembles a router, this machine has CNC capabilities without the need for a large machine—essentially, it’s a hand-held CNC machine. Its capabilities include precise and rapid inlays, cutting curved materials precisely, precision complex joinery, and routing. With an additional workstation, you can make complex angled mortises and tenons and variations of dovetail joints,

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If you’re ready to join us a we learn about woodworking, improve our skills, share knowledge and passion for woodworking with others, there is no time like today to join Western Pennsylvania Woodworkers.