May Meeting: One Board Foot Challenge

Saturday, May 14, 2022
831 Broadway Avenue
McKees Rocks, PA 15136
Virtual Meeting Available

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Date: May 14, 2022

9:15 AM Doors Open

10:00 AM Meeting

12:00  PM Conclusion

Hello Fellow WPW Members,

As noted in our April 22 email, we are going to resume having physical meetings this month, with our first being held on Saturday, May 14, at 10:00 am. The doors will be open at 9:15 AM for some long-awaited social time, and coffee and donuts will be served. The specifics from last month on how we will manage the meeting site are reprinted below, and all of this information can also be found on the website. The meeting will also be “broadcast” virtually via WebEx, so if you’re uncomfortable attending physically, the virtual option is still available.

Our program will be a showing of all of the One Board Foot Challenge projects, with each member taking a few (2-10 minutes?) minutes to talk about their project (kind of like how we handle the annual Show’n Tell program). All members are welcomed/encouraged to attend, even if you didn’t participate in the Challenge. We received nine responses to our survey in my April 22 email, and I’m aware of at least a couple more members who will have a project completed but did not respond to the survey, so we certainly have enough content for a program. Basically, just show up at the meeting with your project in hand, and we’ll simply go around the room giving everyone a chance to talk. If you have some in-process photos of your project or any other visual aid that you would like to have projected onto our screen, please email them to James Gabello (

If you didn’t respond to the survey but would still like to complete a project by the May 14 meeting date, you’re absolutely welcome to do so — just show up with it and join the fun. If you’ve completed a project but wish to attend the meeting virtually, we’ll simply ask you to turn on your video and unmute yourself and you can do your presentation from your home. And, if you’ve completed a project but are unable to attend the meeting either physically or virtually, please email (to a photo(s) of your entry and a quick statement (as long or short as you desire) as to its details; we’ll do our best to do it justice in your absence.

Thanks, and looking forward to seeing you on the 14th,

Bill James

[Reprinted from April 22 email]

In brief, here’s what to expect at a physical meeting:

  • The doors at both ends of the room will be open and a large-ish ventilation fan will be running to create some cross ventilation. If the weather is cool on the day of the meeting, please dress accordingly.
  • We will not be requiring people to wear masks, but encourage anyone who would feel more comfortable wearing one to do so. We will have surgical masks available for anyone who forgets theirs or wishes to wear one once they see the venue. Current literature suggests that wearing an N-95 mask provides maximum personal protection, especially in an environment where others are not wearing masks.
  • The space is large, so please try to maintain some semblance of physical distancing, especially respecting those who are wearing masks; please remember, some people are more vulnerable, even if fully vaccinated/boosted.
  • If you’re experiencing any symptoms of Covid (or anything else, for that matter) or know that you’ve recently (within 7 days) been exposed to someone with Covid, please don’t attend the meeting in person.