Fall Drawer-Making Class – ACTION REQUIRED

Fall Drawer-Making Class – ACTION REQUIRED

Western Pennsylvania Woodworkers will offer a hands-on course on making drawers in October 2016. Philadelphia Furniture Workshop owner Alan Turner will teach this course at the work shop of Back Channel School of Woodworking (The Back Channel School of Woodworking is Dante DiLanni’s woodworking school in McKees Rocks, formerly known as GNA Woodworks) The course is 9 AM to 4 PM on Saturday October 8 and Sunday October 9.

In addition to teaching the hands-on course, Alan Turner will also present our normal monthly meeting for October. Note that this meeting will be held on Friday evening, October 7, 2016, instead of our usual Saturday meeting. The content of his Friday evening meeting presentation is under discussion and while it may include information regarding drawer making and fitting, it will not duplicate or substitute what you will learn “by doing” in the hands-on classes.

Alan will discuss and teach all aspects of classical drawer making; these are “piston fit” drawers installed without mechanical slides. Topics covered will include:

- Drawer design – why some drawers “work” and some do not
- Materials – selection, grain direction
- Sizing – size and proportion for the front, sides, and back
- Dovetail Joints – hand cut, router cut, and table saw cut half blind and through dovetails
- Assembly – glue up, fitting the finished drawer to the drawer box, and drawer slips,
- Additional details – cock beading

Alan’s biography is available at the Philadelphia furniture workshop webpage and the Fine Woodworking website

The course will be limited to 15 participants and the cost will be $200.00 (plus a modest fee for materials) for club members. This is bargain pricing compared to the regular rate of $600 per day for Alan’s courses – and you won’t have to travel to Philadelphia!

Registration is required NOW – Register for the course by March 12

1.Email Ken Bayer (nkbayer@hotmail.com) your name, telephone number, and email address.

2.Send a check for a $50 non-refundable deposit to Ken Bayer by March 16, or bring your check to the meeting. (The $150 balance is due September 10, 2016).

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