December 2022 Meeting: Member Show and Tell

Saturday, December 10, 2022
831 Broadway Avenue
McKees Rocks, PA 15136
Virtual Meeting Available

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Date: December 10, 2022

9:30 AM Gather

10:00 AM Meeting begins

12:00 PM Meeting ends

Metered parking (25 cents for two hours!) is available in front of the building on Broadway, but please be aware that it is enforced once on Saturdays in the late morning.  Free parking is available on nearby side streets, as close as the next block of Broadway where it’s all residential houses.  There is also a large paved parking lot directly behind the building with free parking in any spot that isn’t marked reserved (numbered spots are okay).


You may enter through the garage door on the Broadway side of the building if it is open.  If the door is closed, please enter through the man door in the back of the building.

Our annual Show and Tell meeting is one of the more popular topics that we have for meetings, and all members are invited to show a project they have not previously shared. The meeting will be a hybrid meeting with the option to present a project in person at The Backchannel School of Woodworking or virtually via Cisco WebEx. For those presenting online, this offers a good opportunity to show a piece that is too large to easily/safely bring in, or is attached to your house, or possibly is at a friend’s or relative’s house. Oh, regular-size things are also completely welcomed. Any project that you have completed or are still working on will be fine…we simply want to see what you’ve made! 

Please consider participating in this Show & Tell meeting. We would love to see what you’ve been up to and, more importantly, continue one of our club’s traditions.

For Online Presenters

For those presenting online, you will have the option to show your project via live video (from your smartphone or video camera), or digital photos/video that you have stored on your phone, tablet, or computer (whatever device you use to connect to the meeting).

An easy way for you to participate is by using a smartphone (ensure that you have downloaded the app). Even if you normally join our virtual meetings via your tablet/laptop/computer, using your smartphone will allow you to simply turn the camera around (like you’re taking a photo) when it’s your turn to present and talk to the rest of us. What you see on your screen is exactly what we’ll be seeing, so you can get close to details, change angles, etc., and we’ll see it all and be able to hear you just fine. When you’re done, simply flip the camera back around and watch the rest of the meeting. If you want to watch the rest of the meeting from a larger screen, simply join the meeting from that device and sign off from your phone.

· If you don’t have a smartphone, perhaps a family member or friend who does have one and can come to your house (safely, of course) and act as your “cameraman.” All you need to do is forward the email with the meeting link to them and then they can join the virtual meeting. They can then hand you the phone and/or assist you by acting as the cameraman.

An opportunity to show a project that is located out of town:

Another possibility is that you’ve made a piece that’s in a home at another location; for example, you made a coffee table for your daughter who lives in Chicago. In that case, you forward the meeting link to your daughter, she joins the meeting, and when it’s your turn to present, she simply shows the coffee table and you talk. Easy as pie!

Some additional details:

· If you are presenting and you want to use your smartphone as the video and audio source, you will need to download the Cisco Webex Meetings app from the App store on your iPhone or the Play Store for Android phones. 

· A steady camera results in less pixelation. If someone else is available to shoot the video, that usually works better. 

· If you want to show photos or PowerPoint images, you will have the option to share your screen or a specific window by clicking the “Share” button at the bottom of the screen when it is your turn to present.

· If you are uncomfortable sharing your screen for photos, rename the photos in numerical order (e.g. Table 1, Table 2, etc), and then you can email the photos to James Gabello at