My Favorite Things 

Saturday, November 12, 2022
831 Broadway Avenue
McKees Rocks, PA 15136
Virtual Meeting Available

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Date: November 12, 2022

9:30 AM Doors open

10:00 AM Presentation

12:01 PM Adjourn

With the arrival of fall, we welcome the unofficial start of “woodworking season,” as many of our summer nice-weather activities are more difficult to pursue and we tend to spend more time indoors.  Since we started our program year with two field trips, this month’s meeting will be our first in-person event in our normal venue.  Since our most popular meetings from an attendance standpoint have been of the “Show & Tell” type, we’d like to start the year with a meeting entitled My Favorite Things, an idea that we’ve floated in the past which received a very positive response.

We’re asking all members who would like to participate to bring in one or more items from their shop that they consider a favorite.  This might be a tool (hand or power), machine, piece of hardware, finish, etc. that you really enjoy using.  Like our typical Show & Tell meeting format, we’ll simply go around the room and ask each member to speak briefly about the item(s) that they’ve brought in. You’re free to bring in whatever you’d like, but we’d like to stay somewhat close to the realm of woodworking, including related areas like home improvement and light metalworking, for which many of us use our skills.  While many of us purchase items from online sources and read reviews, there’s something especially validating about getting a recommendation from someone that you know.  And, it’s not necessary that the item that you bring in be currently available to buy since many of us frequent the used markets and are “always looking!”  It’s not necessary to participate in order to attend (as much as we’d encourage you to do so), since our goal is to simply continue the upward trend in meeting attendance.

For those members who are virtually attending, we encourage and welcome your participation. We will make an announcement asking if anyone wishes to share an item with the group, and all you’ll have to do is turn on your video when asked to do so and speak to the group as if you’re physically in attendance.