Making Bent Laminations

January 12, 2013

Presented by: Ken Bayer
6545 Hamilton Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Date: January 12, 2013

Meeting Start Time: 10:00 AM

Thirty four years ago WPW member Ken Bayer made a promise to build a unique cradle for every nephew and niece on the occasion of the birth of their first child; to date he has built fourteen. Along the way he has taught himself to do bent laminations. For his presentation, Ken will show a cradle that he built for his daughter and share his techniques for making the bent laminations. Ken will also provide a few thoughts on building cradles.

The bent lamination discussion will include:

  • The basics of bending
  • Cutting the strips
  • Making and using forms
  • Gluing and clamping
    • Tight curves
    • Using the “force”
    • Mortise and tenons hold the curve

On building cradles:

  • Getting started
  • Safety concerns
  • Finishes

About the Presenter

Ken Bayer