September 9 Meeting: The Evolution of a Project (a Charcuterie Board) — From Design to Finishing, and Everything In Between

Saturday, September 9, 2023
831 Broadway Avenue
McKees Rocks, PA 15136
Virtual Meeting Available

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Date: September 9, 2023

9:30 AM Doors open
10:00 AM Presentation
12:00 PM Meeting ends

I’ve been asked on many occasions how I go about the process of designing a project, or some aspect of it. Sometimes the question is about inspiration, or functional requirements, or production process, or material choice, or…well, you get the idea.  In many cases the answers to these questions are often interrelated and too long to delve into in polite conversation!

I’ve recently completed a series of charcuterie boards (a fancy word for a serving board of sorts) that my wife and I like to give to friends and family as a thank-you, housewarming, host/hostess, or personal wedding gift.  As I worked my way through the evolution of the design, it occurred to me that if I took photos and kept notes I might be able to turn it into a program for the WPW that would answer some of the questions posed above.

So, through lecture, photos, examples of in-process work at various stages of production, a look at some of the jigs that I used, and making a bit of sawdust through some demonstration, I will take you through the design evolution and production process that I use to make charcuterie boards.  I realize that I have access to some larger equipment that some members may not, so where possible I will describe/show alternate ways of doing various steps that are more accessible to even small shops, especially if you’re trying to make just one.

Looking forward to seeing everyone after the summer break,

Bill James