Tool Steel and Sharpening with the Expert

Saturday, June 13, 2020
Presented by: Ron Hock
Virtual Meeting Available

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Date: June 13, 2020

Meeting Start Time: 10:30 AM

Ladies and Gentlemen, in our next virtual meeting, on June 13, we will have the opportunity to meet and interview Mr. Ron Hock. As many of you know, Ron Hock is the founder and owner of Hock Tools: maker of high-quality steel blades for hand planes, spokeshaves, marking tools, kitchen knives, and knives of all types. Hock started the business twenty five years ago when, as a struggling knife maker, students at James Krenov’s Fine Woodworking program at The College of The Redwoods at Fort Bragg, California, came to him for plane irons for the Krenov-style wooden planes they were building. Since making his first plane irons, Ron has become an expert on tool steel metallurgy, cutting edge geometry, hand woodworking tools, and sharpening. Ron has also written a comprehensive book on sharpening called The Perfect Edge.

It may seem odd (and maybe a little embarrassing) that a group from Pittsburgh must go to northern California to learn about steel. However, once you meet Ron and experience his clear, no-nonsense, approach to sharpening based on his understanding of metallurgy and his blade-making perspective you will understand the apparent contradiction.

This meeting will have a different format than our usual/unusual get-together in that, after a brief introduction, Ron will open up the meeting for questions on sharpening blades, the advantages and disadvantages of different steels, the details of metallurgy, his relationship and knowledge of James Krenov and any topic we would like to discuss. So, jot down a few questions and get ready for a most informative meeting with a master.

Ken Bayer
Co-Program Director

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Ron Hock