Ron Herman’s Favorite Handtool Tricks and Techniques

Saturday, November 7, 2020
Presented by: Ron Herman
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Meeting Date: November 7, 2020

9:30 AM Social time begins
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(note this is the 1st Saturday of the month!)

Join us for a special virtual presentation with Ron Herman from his workshop in New Holland, Ohio as he distills from his experience some of his favorite and unique hand tool tips covering a variety of topics from tuning hand tools to using them with some anecdotes along the way.

If I were a saw or a hand plane, I would want to live among the large collection of tools in Ron Herman’s workshop. His tools are meticulously cared for, they get to travel to many interesting places, they all get a great workout, and often have great stories to tell among many other friends.

Ron grew up with tools working in his family’s 100-year-old contracting company, Antiquity Builders, and became a master house wright. His work includes new construction but he also specializes in restoring historic buildings, often using the same type of hand tools used to create the original work. He has acquired an excellent working knowledge of hand tools, passed down through generations by his family, and has added to this knowledge by meticulously scrutinizing patent manuals and books pertaining to his hand tools. Because his knowledge was gained through generations and by his own professional contracting and restoration work, his advice is time tested and often has a unique perspective not found elsewhere. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with others by giving demonstrations at woodworking shows, in-person classes, magazine articles, and videos. — Elmer Nahum

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About the Presenter

Ron Herman

Ron has been working with antique and vintage tools almost all of his life – some of those tools weren’t vintage, back then! From his start with and now
ownership of his more than 100-year-old family contracting company, Antiquity Builders, Ron has been sharpening, fettling, using and restoring these tools since he was ten years old. Now a master housewright, toolwright and carpenter who gained his skills through the traditional apprentice program and his own voracious thirst for knowledge, Ron uses these skills and that knowledge to teach others. From giving instructive courses to local woodworking club members to full seminars for Popular Woodworking’s national Woodworking in America events, Ron’s knowledge of tools has helped others grow and develop theirs.

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